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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 19, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> and provide support to the a reiki authorities, the iraqi soldiers and the kurdish officials. under no circumstances, will there be french troops on the ground. only french planes are involved in full coordination with iraqi authorities and our international allies in order to weaken the terrorists. consequently, the parliament will be informed of these operations.
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the prime minister will host the parliamentary leaders and a debate will be organized next week. i think there are always risks involved in taking responsibilities. i have minimize these risks. but there was also greatness in fighting terrorism. that terrorism is not confined to the middle east. it threatens us. unfortunately, there are fighters coming from every country in the world who find themselves in iraq and syria. here in france, a bill is being discussed in parliament which aims to limit movements and fight against the influx of people going to iraq and syria to fight. at the united nations next week,
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there will be discussions within the un security council to try to fight the flow of people going towards iraq and syria to take part in the fight alongside the terrorists. i also want to congratulate our soldiers who carried out this operation six fully -- successfully and will carry out further operations in the coming days. france needs to know it is protected, it is secure, it is safe. we need to thank our armies who are involved on several fronts at present in accordance with my instructions. our forces in west africa are currently being relocated into
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the central african republic. our numbers will be going down in the coming weeks and months. here in iraq, we are acting only with our air force. i want to tell everyone that we are acting to maintain and protect their security everywhere in the world. thank you very much. >> once again, that was the french president francois hollande commenting on the airstrikes carried out this friday in northeast iraq. french president saying that the target was a logistics depot used by the islamic state organization. francois hollande reiterated a point that no french troops are to be on the ground. the only french planes will be used in this effort. he also said that the french parliament will be informed of the ongoing operations and that a debate is to be held next week.
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we will of course have more on this in the rest of our bulletin. next, let's move onto other world news. that is scotland. independence referendum. prime minister david cameron and the rest of british political establishment, they are breathing a huge sigh of relief. this friday, voters in scotland have said no to independence. the final results came in early this friday, capping in a whirlwind 24 hours to the historic vote. 50 5% said no to independence. 44.6 offered -- opted for a split from the u.k. we have been following events over the past week. catherine, i'm sure that those involved in the no campaign must be quite happy this friday. >> absolutely. there is relief and joy among the no campaign this friday.
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one man told me that he was overjoyed, even though he was a proud scot, scottish as can be. he said it was such a relief. he said, being independent would have killed us. i have also had scottish people coming up and embracing me. and english-british person saying they were overwhelmed and wanted to show their relief at staying in the united kingdom and staying together with england and the rest of the u.k. on the other side of the spectrum, there is bitter disappointment, as you can imagine, for people supporting the yes campaign for independence. one woman outside the scottish parliament said she was extremely sad and surprised. she believed that the yes vote could when, right up until the very end. for her and her fellow campaigners, they said this battle is not over.
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she will be demonstrating outside parliament, calling for another referendum as soon as she could. she said she did not trust british prime minister david cameron and the governments down in london to keep promises and introduce constitutional reforms. there is a huge divide in opinion. that is something that british politicians are going to have to address. >> when this independence referendum campaign got underway two years ago, it was not taken so seriously and it really gained traction over the years. right up until the thursday vote, it looked to be a neck and neck race. it was less tight than expected. >> in the end, there was a 10 point difference. the no vote winning by 10%. 55% against 45%. they were pointing to a small lead for the no campaign a few
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weeks ago. there were even to paul's that's all the yes camp in the lead. as it turns out, there was more of a decided vote. voters came out of the woodwork. the gap widened. when people came face-to-face with the ballot paper, they decided to vote for safety. there was a huge push by the major political parties excluding the smp. it seems that that has paid off. >> thank you very much for that update. 1.6 million people cast their ballot against staying in the union. david cameron conceded that a clear message had been sent. he promised increases and powers devolved to scotland would be put in place. >> he won't be going down in
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history as the prime minister who lost the united kingdom. >> the people of scotland had spoken and it is a clear result. they have kept our country of four nations together. >> david cameron still has the daunting task ahead. in a desperate bid to keep scotland as part of the union, the conservative leader has promised more devolution to the scottish parliament. >> we will ensure that those commitments are honored in full. >> many mps have criticized this is rushed constitutional reform. many are in no mood to compromise, angry at david cameron's handling of the referendum which almost broke up the nation. back in 2012, he decided against
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offering other possibilities on the ballot, including a middle path. if framework for increased on tom and me and not independence. the option he eventually offered last week, presenting a fully yes or no vote on independence was a gamble allowing neck and neck polls and creating needless uncertainty. this gamble may have paid off in the success of the no vote, but he must now pay the price for the close call. >> it is being called a global threat. the united nations security council has declared the west africa ebola out rake a threat to international threat to peace and security. the three-day lockdown in sierra leone came into effect. 6 million people are confined to their homes in an effort to stop the spread of the deadly virus.
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but many health experts fear it could make things worse. >> the markets were buzzing in freetown on thursday with people scrambling to stock up before the lockdown. >> i need to buy medication, foodstuffs, all the necessary thing. >> from friday until sunday, sierra leone's residents will be confined to their homes, a drastic measure to stop the spread of the ebola virus in one of the worst hit countries. over the three days, thousands of health personnel will visit the homes of the 6 million people. the job is to educate the public on how best to avoid becoming sick and identify those who have already been infected with the virus. >> going from house to house to be able to provide very clear
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messages about ebola and to be able to tell people what they should do if they find that a particular member in the family is suffering from ebola. >> success will depend on the willingness to abide by the curfew. >> [indiscernible] i think it is very important and the business is harry. >> some ngo's are unsatisfied with the plan. >> it will not be effective in isolating disease. they have questioned how things are organized and are calling for capacity in isolation boards. >> it could drive people underground and jeopardize the trust between them and health providers, ultimately leading to a further spread of the disease.
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france is carried out its first air strikes in the battle against the islamic state organization. francois hollande commented on the strikes a short while ago. the military actions make france the first country to publicly take part in the u.s. airstrike campaign in iraq. we can cross to "france 24" luke brown in erbil. what more do you have for us where you are? >> we have the information confirming that the airstrike did take place on friday morning. they struck a target in northeast iraq controlled by the islamic state and they had a logistical depot and distorted. those aircraft took off from a
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french air base in the persian gulf. we spoke to the peshmerga military spokesman. they were delighted to hear the news that the french are participating. he called for an intensification and a thinking of paris for its military involvement. permission will rapidly be granted. francois hollande said further air strikes will be planned in the coming days. he will explain to parliament in the coming week the involvement in iraq. more airstrikes are likely to take place. france is the first nation to join the u.s. in the military airstrikes against the islamic organization in iraq. >> luke brown reporting from erbioll.
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thank you for that update. alibaba has made its debut on the new york stock exchange. it could be historical. our reporters have a report. >> the trucks queue up to load and unload. this former rollback water is what is known as a village. its residents have opened more than 20,000 online stores on china's biggest e-commerce site. this man buys that kitchenware to sell online.
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each day, he dispatches more than 1000 parcels to all corners of china. we have such a big sales fall you. our sales turnover is 2.5 million euros. >> it has certainly changed his life. he has a new house, a new car, and he is planning to increase his workforce to 100 people. such successes being institutionalized. the local business college has opened a new e-commerce department. some students are already putting what they learned into practice. >> i already have an annual turnover of 2.5 million euros. you need to invest more to have a successful business. >> customers continue to attract
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new vendors. it is a group model that parent company alibaba hopes to expand the ritz debut on the new york stock exchange. >> let's get a recap of the headlines. france carries out its first airstrikes in iraq. the targeted depot used by the islamic state in the northeast of the country. france is the first country to publicly join the u.s. in the airstrike campaign against the militant group. scotland says no to independence. a record number of voters cast their ballot in the referendum. the majority choosing to stay in the united kingdom. the united nations declares west africa's ebola epidemic a threat to international peace and security. sierra leone's controversial nationwide lockdown goes into effect. let's take a look at how the world's press is reacting to this scottish referendum.
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i'm joined by florence. walk us through what we are seeing. >> there was a lot of excitement in the press today across the world, specifically in scotland. at stake and look at some front pages. a lot of papers came out before the results came out. this is the scotsman. the nation speaks. you can see all sorts of photos of people going to vote. the daily record. today is the day. today is the greatest display of democracy scotland has ever witnessed. scottish voters as a whole are winners in this referendum. you can see "the daily record," is focusing on one aspect and that is the fact that there was an incredible turnout, 1.6 million voters. scotland is set to make history with this incredible, massive turnout. there were some areas where there was a turnout as high as 80 16%.
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the highest ever turnout for u.k. election was 83.9% in 1950. it seems like scotland is really headed for a record here. on the other side of the border, let's take a look at what english papers are saying. "the independent" applause this unprecedented display of democracy and patriotism. power to the people. photos of all sorts of people going to vote in the general election. good mood. the reunited kingdom. the referendum is merely the end of the beginning. "the guardian" talks about scotland's history makers. you can see a young girl 16 years old casting her vote. people that young could cast votes. >> we thought tensions were quite high in the run-up to the vote. >> absolutely. there was an article that talks about threats, attacks, and intimidation in the hours that
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led up to the voting. these seem to be pretty isolated and rare events. "the scotsman" is focusing on another aspect. these are allegations of electoral fraud. this is the glasgow city council. police are investigating at least 10 instances of fraud. people who showed up to vote or tending they were somebody else. these are isolated, rare events. by and large, papers are applauding this incredible exercise in democracy. >> of course, they voted yes to the referendum. the next question is what is next for scotland? >> that is the big question. i pulled out the editorial in "the herald." that came out before the results came in. it said, after the polls, the real work begins here. according to "the herald," the first priority for the victor is to take steps to heal the rift
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in scottish society. it calls on both camps to unite around a shared goal and that is to seize scotland's drive and become a better, fairer, and stronger nation. it is interesting to note that the "harold" was in favor of the better together campaign. they will demand it for the devolution for scotland. some papers are also focusing on what all this means for the prime minister david cameron. an article from "the guardian," points out that he received a lot of flak for mishandling the referendum. it seemed like he panicked a bit at the end. the reckoning. lots of people wonder if he can win the crunch battles ahead after this referendum. it says that he should fear for his political future. >> this referendum was watched
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closely elsewhere in the world, namely by other separatist movements. they were all keeping a close eye on what was going to happen in this referendum in scotland. you can read about it today in "the wall street journal." it set a template for a lot of separatist movements. the flemish in belgium. the catalan and in spain. the french paper reports that several of the separatist movements have delegations to scotland to take notes to get inspired somewhat. even the corsican's haven't -- had a delegation checking things out. >> finally, we have some talk about one change in scotland even if they are not going to be independent from the u.k.. a small, but symbolic change. >> yes, this might go unnoticed. there is a slate that is
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reporting about an interesting change. the royal and ancient golf club in st. andrews, often known as the birthplace of golf, this club has finally allowed women for the first time to become members of the club. the first time in 200 60 years. the club is following in the footsteps of the augustine national golf club in georgia which was under a lot of pressure to accept female members. one of the first members was former secretary of state condoleezza rice. a lot of scottish media focusing on this, saying that st. andrews has leapfrogged a century or two into the present. lots of scottish media applauding this change. >> change comes, even if it must be slow. walking us through the reactions to the scottish referendum. or is going to be coming as the results came in early this friday morning. thank you for that. it is time for a sports roundup.
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take a look. >> the french striker has been banned for his headbutt. the 34-year-old will be unable to return until february 22 of next year. a point for europe league group stage fixtures. after a five-year absence, the german side wolfsburg. everton is on their way. there are few to speak of in group f.
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the one strike. [indiscernible] [indiscernible] group k. a hat trick put the game out of reach. [indiscernible] the italians on target. a german cyclist is broken the
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record. it never looked in doubt from the get-go. 49.7 kilometers was the target. it became more and more apparent that the chuck norris of cycling was to become the new record holder. he selected a small town in switzerland is the perfect place to main history. -- make history. he was cheered on by family, friends, and fans alike. the german is probably a little bit relieved now that it is all over. [cheers] >> i'm very happy.
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i started perhaps a little too quickly. i had to slow down a little bit. i give everything i had. i knew that it would be very hard.
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bites, or surgery, we will keep you up- to-date. >> -- bugs or bites, or surgery we will keep you up-to-date. >> we will fin


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